Mar 29, 2013

Let's Talk (1)

I decided to join in the discussion this week, and I thought the question was wonderful. This week's topic:

Does your family approve of blogging and reading so much? How do you compromise when they object? (Thank you Maryam/Books Glorious Books) 

I thought this to be a rather interesting question that I'd never talked about before. I started reading a lot when I was about 6, and don't remember much about my first few years as a reader, but I do know I didn't stop reading. My family always encouraged me about my reading, with my mom taking me almost every week to the bookstore to get new things to read. My mom used to tell me stories about my father, and my grandpa, who always read. My grandfather has a lot of times been my reading partner, often walking away together to read at a quiet place. He used to visit wonderful bookstores and he got me reading material that could've lasted me for years! Once I grew up and started leaving children books behind, he always recommended me books, and every time he cleaned his book shelfs I would get a big pile of books from him.

My dad was definitely my Harry Potter partner. He got me my first HP book, and went to bookstores for hours in lines to get them. We even bought the last book together. However, he has always been a... lazy reader, I think. Or a weird one, anyway. My dad cannot read a book the way it should be read. I remember him reading HP OotP, and he started in chapter 11, moved on to Chapter 1, and kept going in random chapters. He understood the story perfectly, and what had happened. He reads almost every single book that way. And he also likes spoilers. Loves them. So yeah, we got HP 7, he read a few chapters, and spoiled the ending for me -.-. 

So yeah, my whole family knows me perfectly and supports my reading, always respecting my reading space and leaving me alone when I need it. They know it's rare not to find me reading in a quiet room at family parties when I'm done eating, or things like that.

About blogging, my sister was the first one to know about my blog and YouTube channel. Then my parents knew and were very excited when I started interviewing my favorite authors. They were very proud, and helped them support strongly my decision to become a journalist. That's sort of when they knew writing was my thing. They visited my blog often, and congratulated me on my work with the HTML code, and all of that. I felt very happy with my accomplishments. And obviously there's the YouTube channel, that they all support fully, and my dad even started looking for new cameras to improve my video quality. They've all been really sweet about it all.

And they've never really objected strongly to my activities in the reading world, except when I eat reading a book and stuff like that. My sister gets her phone taken away, and I get my book taken away. Also, when I was younger, and misbehaved, I would get grounded with no reading after 8pm.... It was intense, let me tell you!

Let me know what your answer would be! I'd love to know other reading experiences!


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