Review Policy

Hi! If you're an author, publisher, or publicist wanting Book Stalkers to read a book for review, keep reading!

We accept review request from Publishers and Self-Published authors (Due to recent events, we will limit our reviews of self-published authors to very few, so please forgive us for the inconvenience), as well as book tour/interview requests. You can contact us at bookstalkers (at) gmail (dot) com. Please contact us if you wish to know or mailing address for print books! We accept ARC's and finished copies, and we have a Kindle  and an iPad so eGalleys in MOBI and ePub format are good, too! We prefer hard copies, but we know sometimes it's difficult to send those in. Also, please remember we do not live in the United States, in case you're considering to send us books.

We are not professional book reviewers. We read in our own time, for fun, as we are IB students, and college applications are coming up. We can't promise we'll review everything we read, but we will try to do most of them. 

Things to include in a book review request:

  1. Title/Author
  2. Synopsis
  3. Link to Goodreads/Amazon, etc.
  • What do we read?
We mostly read YA books, but we are open to other kinds, such as romantic books, etc. We're very into dystopian novels, chicklit, steampunk, paranormal, and the likes. We're open to other genres but we will be selective about what we'll review if we get a genre we don't normally review.

We are 16-17 year olds, so please remember this when sending in requests. If you're hesitant about your book being appropriate to us, you can look through our reviews, and see which type of books we usually read.

  • What don't we read?

Religious books, non-fiction, and historical novels.

  • What is our reviewing style?
Like we mentioned, we're not professional bloggers, as we go to school every day, and have our own time to read. We try to use humor in our reviews, and review in a way our reader will feel they're actually talking to us, and are involved in a discussion. We give a rating out of 5 stars to books, with 1 being "I didn't like it" and 5 "It was amazing, go read it now!".

We take the following things into account, comment on these, and give 0-2 points for each, which we will get the 5-star rating out of:

  1. Interesting plot
  2. Characters
  3. Pace
  4. Writing style
  5. Recommend it or not?

If the book is reaching us in advance, we’d like to have a heads-up and a few weeks, considering we might be reading and waiting to review other novels, too. 

-Andrea & Annie

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